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June McLeod – a leading colour expert,

consultant, colour trends forecaster, author

and creative.


A colour maverick, June is one of the leading colour

authorities, she has earnt a reputation for pushing the

boundaries of colour to new levels. Her innovative

interactive colour practicals in the learning and business

environments are new, exciting  and challenging, they

optimise the participants study of colour, forcing them

to view the world in a different way by thinking out of

the box and colouring outside the lines. Coupled with

her proven colour trends forecasts and corporate work,

she is truly a master of colour.


Research reveals we make a subconscious judgment about a person, an

environment, a service or product within seconds and a high percentage of the

decision is based on colour alone. Percentages vary according to the study with

figures ranging from 60% to 70%.


June has spent more than thirty plus years specialising in colour, positively

influencing retail sales, products, branding, design and development programmes.  

June is passionate about colour and constantly strives to create the perfect colour

palette for every occasion and placement to ensure business success, to

distinguish brand and to attract target audience by providing real colour impact

and a colour palette that is fit for purpose.


June has developed unique methods and concepts that are effective and connect

through the emotional, psychological, physical and visual, and by using her

proven method of the considered use of correct colour choice, combined with

her dynamic presentation style she continues to break new ground in the colour

arena. June has helped to revolutionise colour delivery, not reinvented the wheel.


By continuously creating and developing new interactive colour practicals and

exciting and different ways of delivering colour to her clients, showcases her

expertise and unique take on colour.  She has a deep love of nature and much of

the inspiration for her work comes from the natural beauty surrounding us all.


She encourages participants to step outside to experience the wonders of nature,

to observe to feel, to experience the wondrous colour combinations first hand. Also

the changes of the seasons and the cycles of nature, believing it is in nature we

gain a deeper understanding of colour and all its workings, whilst also providing us with the inspiration to bring back to the work place all that we discover. She attributes much of her colour learning to interacting with and observing nature, her experience is the only source of knowledge she trusts.


With a proven teaching method she has taught many thousands over the years, some have gone on to working with small to medium size business. She is proud to work with global companies knowing her colour choices influence many world wide.

In essence June is colour and colour is her passion.


June’s International client base reflects her substantial knowledge of colour for all purposes. She proudly holds the first UK colour endorsement and is available for select corporate consultation.


A small selection of across the board former clients include ; Hong Kong Jockey Club, Ladbrokes Sporting Casino, Angels at Play, Royal Parks Foundation, Hotels  Tourist Boards,  cosmetic and hair colour companies, home ware and soft furnishings, fashion houses, textile companies, shoe and handbag manufacturers and leading furniture and glass manufacturers and designers.





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"Creativity is fundamental to innovation, innovation depends upon creative colour thinking." - June McLeod



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Following much study and research June concludes, do not use coloured plastic theatre lighting sheets to solarize water for health and healing. Use coloured glass only... find out more.